Increasing productivity is a constant challenge in today’s global competition.

Multiple approaches are being used for this endeavour; Kaizen, 6-Sigma, CIP or more classical approaches like MTM® or MODAPTS®.

The complex and fast processes in today’s manufacturing are often difficult to capture even with the more elaborate methods. Only after emplyoing video for a detailed and repeatable analysis a breakthrough in the direction of two-digit percent productivity improvement becomes possible.

With AviX®, the globally leading method for video based productivity improvement we achieve improvement ratios in excess of 15% for our clients. Drastically reduced setup-times or other indirect activities are more then only an added benefit.


+ Drastically increase the productivity of manufacturing processes with our unique video, analysis, and optimization method AviX®

+ Reduce setup-times, tool change times and other support process times by 50% and more

+ Optimize work stations with respect to ergonomics and quality

+ Integrate management and blue- and white-collar employees in these optimization steps in a way, that they can contribute their entire knowledge and creativity.

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AviX® centred on the human being

The significant productivity increase resulting from an AviX® anaylsis is based in improvements in the dimensions of ergonomics, effectiveness and efficiency. The human being is positioned in the centre; only if all apects of a process are optimized to the human needs, quality and productivty on new levels become possible.

Workers can work smarter, potential errors are avoided and wasteful activities are removed from the work process. This is of course the case for individual work station, or assembly line.

At the same time, less frequent processes, like tool change or setup, maintenance, inspection and similar activities might show even higher improvement potential, precisely because they are not regularly monitored and evaluated for that.

Therefore today, also service-sector companies are starting to use AviX®, as well in industrial as in general services.

AviX® Method for productivity increase

AviX® Method is the core module of the AviX® Suite of programs. Method allows the evaluation of the acutual work content at a workstation.

The simple observation is replaced by the computer assisted evaluation of a video. Method uses six basic movement and four ergonomic modifiers to create a concise representation of the flow of work.

Statistically derived standard times, based on expansive empirical research, can be assigned to each movement for comparability and definition of time allowances.

As a result improvement potentials become immediately visible and can be directly applied at the workstations. Changed work instructions, visually enriched, are created by a mouseclick out of the AviX® software.

AviX® Balance for optimized balancing

Once all workstations along a line have been captured, they can be joined together in the Balance module.

Re-allocating work content by drag & drop to different workstations makes balancing of the line easier then ever before.

The video being constantly availble allows to plan the necessary changes and relocations of tools and fixtures and the new visual work instructions and process descriptions are created by a mouse click.

AviX® FMEA for robust processes

At the same time the video of the manufacturing process is an ideal base for measures of preventive quality assurance.

This is done in the FMEA module. Every detail and potential problem source can be watched repeatedly, even in slow-motion.

Education and training based on the visual documentation is highly effective; visual quality instructions and check-sheets can be created directly from AviX®.

AviX® Ergo – visualized ergonomics

With an aging workforce and ever more complex requirements on the assembly line, ergonomics is moving into the centre of attention. AviX® Ergo brings a radical new approach to improving ergonomics at the workplace through evaluation of a video for improved quality and productivity.

AviX® Ergo combines the in-depth analysis of the workplace achieved by AviX® Method with the acknowledged Borg CR-10 scale to determine physiological strain levels at the work place, and in parallel assess psychological stress. Starting from the AviX® Method video analysis, categorizing the motions at the workplace into eight basic movements and four ergonomic modifiers, AviX® Ergo uses this for an interactive, video based analysis with the workers involved. Facilitated by an expert, the physiological strain and psychological stress levels are determined and visualized on-screen without delay.

Improvement measures can be immediately developed and mirrored back into the AviX® Method application, regularly resulting not only in the improvement of the working conditions, but also of productivity.

The underlying methodology of the Borg CR-10 scale has been one of the first widely used methods for ergonomics optimization, based on the groundbreaking work of Prof. Gunnar Borg from Stockholm University. Dating back to the 60ies in its origins, the first Borg scale was derived in the early 80ies. Today it is recognized as one of the shaping factors for Sweden’s worker centred productivity movement that laid the groundwork for today’s strong position of Sweden’s manufacturing industries.


Apart from all public commitments, quality, more than ever, has moved from a differentiator to a commodity, a natural basis of customer-supplier relationships.

For example, the automotive industry has developed a precise escalation mechanism which can bring a supplier overnight on „New Business Hold“, and thereby lead to an existential threatening situation.

We support you in managing your way out of such situations. We can also create preventive quality programs made for you. We start by developing the concept together in close collaboration with your management team, and assist you all the way through to the operation implementation at the line and in your departments.


+ Fulfil the key performance indicators of your customers

+ Develop and implement you own set of key performance indicators for your quality organisation such as ppm, 8D cycle time, etc.

+ Design, optimize, and audit your organisation and your processes to achieve customer orientation and compliance with the relevant norms

+ Empower and motivate your management team, and all the members of your organization to deliver excellent quality in their daily work by introducing an Automotive Excellence Program for example.

+ Communicate quality as the decisive success factor both internally and externally

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The unexpected absence of a member of the management team often poses a significant problem in today’s lean management structures. Finding an internal replacement in the short term proves difficult in most cases. Similarly filling leadership or project management roles in high-urgency or crisis situations from within the organization may prove very difficult.

Engaging an experienced Interim Manager can be a good approach to solve such problems professionally.


+ Placing interim candidates for top level management positions in all functional areas as well as project or task force leaders

+ Based on our network of highly qualified managers and specialists

+ Typical areas of engagement include

Corporate Recovery/Crisis Management
Kaizen and other productivity enhancing projects, including the use of our unique productivity software AviX®
Closing/Relocating operations
Launching new business Areas
Quality Management
Change Management
Special Projects for the Board

+ Complementing this by specialized Consulting Know-How from our network

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The world of procurement has never been as dynamic as today. Product life cycles become shorter. Purchased goods become more complex with rising technological intensity. Purchasing volumes rise. Markets get more international, bigger, more volatile, but also more transparent.

The effect of purchasing management on the entrepreneurial profit has never been higher.
That means both chance and risk (make or brake).

A procurement team is needed tracing out all potentials, enhancing supplier performance, minimizing procurement costs, optimizing processes, and last but not least, ensuring the required quality today and in future.


+ Taping the full price reduction potential of your purchased parts and implementing it;

+ Reducing your material stock accounts without adversely affecting security of supply and quality. Or vice versa: Increasing security of supply and quality without increasing your material stock accounts;

+ Optimizing your purchasing processes from product design to series production;

+ Embedding your purchasing department even more effectively into the company as a whole;

+ Training your purchasing team in order to make them even more competitive.


Increasing product variety and product complexity in conjunction with ascending manufacturing complexity with shorten development cycles are posing huge challenges for the industry.

In a lot of development programs you can see that the implementations fail by missing the costs and/or the quality targets. In extreme examples this resulted in expensive product recalls. It clearly to see, that essential steps in the development process are not or not adequate considered. Be it because of missing resources, due to inexpertness or due to missing coordination between all participants.

Engaging an experienced Engineering Manager can be a good approach to detect such problems in short term, to develop answers and to implement the solutions successfully.


+ to improve and optimize your development processes

+ to accompany and support your Engineering leader in the product development process, from the idea up to the start in production

+ to conduct interface analysis

+ to integrate development suppliers and development partners

+ to work out strategies for new developments

+ to optimize your products by non performance of your cost and/or your quality targets

+ to support the implementation of global development projects


In all organisations resources like time and money are getting scarcer, the complexity of influences and decisions is steadily rising. Winners in global competition will be organisations that are excellent concerning their ability for reaction and feedback, mobility and learning ability. For this they need an additional communications infrastructure that indicates and promotes their strategies. And it requires a communications culture that is based on values and creates a medium for innovation and sustainability.

Still today communications is being underestimated as an asset to added value. Certainly – we are always communicating, but we need clear and optimized structures and processes to make communications unfold and create the highest benefit. Therefore it is indispensable that entrepreneurs and organisations are investing in an effective communications system.

For us management of communications is a task for which there is no standard solution. Together with our clients we create solutions that are suitable for their individual situations.


+ creating a fitness-program for your communications system, in which already existing methods and tools can be put to work and integrated into a functioning communications environment.

+ establishing an integrated communications system which is connecting external and internal communications.

+ preparing crises communications.

+ providing communications services for short-term and fast support.

+ developing the potentials of your executives and employees by communications coaching.